Freeze your Balls Off! January 25th

This is going to be a very simple game, IT'S GOING TO BE COLD!!! Two teams will go head to head on the field. Depending on the number of players we will be using the full field at one time, or break it into smaller fields.


We also have a new announcement for this game, we are lowering prices to show we care about our players! Event prices are as follows:

Personal gear entry $10

Rental gear entry $25

Field Paintballs $50

Graffiti $58



Here are the links for the Freeze Your Balls Off game!


Here is the link to memberships for Splat Action
Get a Splat Action Membership!


And the links for pre-registration for the Freeze your balls off event!!!
Entry Fees for Freeze Your Balls Off!


And link for paint for the event.
Purchase paint for Freeze Your Balls Off!!!



This will help us a lot to get the right amount of paint for the weekend!!! Thank you everyone! And remember, it might be cold but camping is always free! Drop us an email or phonecall and let us know if you plan on camping out!


Thank you everyone!

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